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2019 APTANJ Spring Conference Poster Presenters

Friday, March 15, 2019  
Posted by: Debbie Sullivan
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The following abstracts will be presented at the 2019 APTANJ Spring Conference on Saturday, April 6, 2019, 10:30 - 11:15 AM and 1:15 - 3:15 PM.


Abstract Category





Lit Review (acute care)


For Adult Patients On Mechanical Ventilation In The Icu, Does Early Mobilization ComparedTo Usual Care Improve Outcomes At ≥ 6-Months?

Aguirre, M., Filocco, E., Stanton, A., Wong, A., Fay, P.

Rutgers University

Lit Review (aquatics)


For Persons With Fibromyalgia, Does Aquatic Exercise Produce Clinically Meaningful Changes In Fiq And Vas Scores Compared To Control?

Patti, A., Vanwingerden, A

Rutgers University

Research (education)


Impact Of A Standardized Patient Encounter On Physical Therapist Students’ Self-Efficacy And Readiness To Provide Care To Patients With Limited English Proficiency In The Absence Of Professional Translation Services

Nancy Mingelgreen, Gerard Fluet

Rutgers University

Research (education)


A Multi-Year, Mixed Methods Assessment Of Student Competency Within A Pediatric Interprofessional Education Experience

Del Rossi, Lauren; Li, Ziwei; Pawlowska, Monika; Padden-Denmead, Mary; Kientz, Mary; McGinnis, Patricia

Stockton university

Research (education)


Effect Of Physical Therapy Student Assignment On Clinical Productivity

Carolyn Palma

St. Barnabas Medical Center

Research (multiple)


Workplace Conditions Leading To Burnout Among U.S. Physical Therapists

Benjamin Kalinkowitz

University of Nebraska

Case Study (multiple)


Vater & Vacterl Syndrome: A Case Study

Eva Mohanty, Sheetal Pandya

Jeevam Therapy

Case Study (ortho)


The Development Of A Multimodal Physical Therapy Program For An Adolescent Athlete With Osteitis Pubis: A Case Report.

Jillian Lipari

Kessler Rehabilitation Centers

Lit Review (ortho)


Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation Is Superior To Microfracture Early After Chondral Defect Repair

Allison Kreimer, Joe Zeni

Rutgers University

Lit Review (ortho)


In Persons With Subacromial Impingement Syndrome, Is Scapular Stabilization Intervention Or Active Control Intervention Better For Improving Pain And Functional Outcomes?

Amin, D., Clarke, T., Colish, A., Comroe, J., Hauck, S., Rubio, B., Tolentino, P. & Edmond, SL

Rutgers University

Lit Review (ortho)


In Runners With Achilles Tendinopathy, Is There Evidence Of Hip Biomechanical Or Electromyographical Alterations?

Allison Brown

Rutgers University

Research (ortho)


The Relationship Between Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging And The Modified Prone Straight Leg Raise Test To Identify Multifidus Weakness.

Mitchell T. Maione, Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez, Daniel Staats, Jeremy Weiss

Staats Physical Therapy

Case Study (ortho)


The Addition Of Neurodynamics For Treating Recurrent Hamstring Injury In A 70 Year Old Referee: A Case Study

Gina Panarese

Kessler Rehabilitation Center

Research (pain)


Is There Association Between Demographic And Psychosocial Profiles, And Pain Processing Mechanisms In Healthy Adults?

Carla S. Enriquez (1, 2), Charlie Curtis (2), Nicole Rommer (2), John Shumko (2), Tracy Wong (1)

Stockton university, RWJBH

Case Study (ortho)


Deep Neck Flexor Enduracne And Postural Ergonomic Training With An Elderly Woman Who Siffers From Neck Pain And Cervicogenic Headaches: A Case Study

By: Randall J. Whitt

Kessler Rehabilitation Center

Case Study (ortho/neuro)


A Patient With History Of Breast Cancer Treated For Axillary Web Syndrome Using A Multimodal Physical Therapy Approach: A Case Report

Alexis DiClemente, Alexis DiClemente

Kessler Rehabilitation Center

Research (multiple)


Impact Of Somatic Yoga And Meditation On Fall Risk, Function, And Quality Of Life For Chemotherapy-Induced Periperal Neuropathy Syndrome In Cancer Survivors

Mary Lou Galantino, Robyn Tiger, Jennifer Brooks, Shera Jang, Kim Wilson

Stockton University, University of Pennsylvania& University of Witwatersrand, Yoga4life, Bacharach intitute for Rehab

Lit Review (neuro)


For Persons With Primary Or Metastatic Brain Tumor, Does Rehabilitation Following Tumor Resection Improve Functional Outcomes Or Balance?

Bulsara, B., Caggiano, K., Callahan, K., Deluna, J., Pugliese, C., Prystupa, E., Victor, A., West, Z., Woodfinlevine, C., Daneault, J.

Rutgers University

Lit Review (neuro)


For Adults Post-Stroke In Inpatient Rehabilitation, Does Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Improve Motor Recovery?

Amanda Pirotta, Arielle Resnick

Rutgers University

Lit Review (neuro)


For Persons With Parkinson’S Disease, Does Speed Dosed Training Improve Motor Symptoms And Motor Performance?

Judith Deutsch, Jordan Van Epps

Rutgers University

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