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STANDING RULES of the Women's Health SIG

Article 1 – NAME

The name of this organization is the Women’s Health Special Interest Group of the American Physical Therapy Association of New Jersey, herein after referred to as the SIG and the APTAnj.

Article 2 – PURPOSE

The purpose of this SIG is to meet the needs of the members of the APTAnj who are interested in specific issues dealing with women’s health.

Article 3 – OBJECTIVE

The objective of the SIG shall be to:

1. Hold meetings at least two times yearly with one meeting being for the purpose of conducting general business and election of officers.
2. Allow for networking and informal discussions between members.
3. Provide relevant clinical information and education to the members.
4. Discuss issues important to the local or state – wide practice of women’s health physical therapy and encourage support for action needed on these issues.
5. To provide assistance to the Chapter Council of Directors when requested in regards to women’s health practice issues or trends that will affect the provision of physical therapy services for all members in the chapter.
6. To inform and educate the public in the specialized physical therapy services available in the field of women’s health.

Article 4 – MEMBERSHIP

The criteria for membership in the SIG shall be the same as for membership in the APTAnj. Rights of members are as outlined in the bylaws of APTAnj. No officer or member of the SIG shall serve as spokesperson for the Chapter without prior approval of the Chapter President.

Article 5 – OFFICERS

A. The officers of the SIG shall be Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary.
B. Qualifications:
Each officer shall have been a member of the APTA in good standing for one year immediately preceding the election.

C. Duties: Chairperson shall
1. Preside at all meetings of the SIG and be an ex-officio member of all committees except nominating committee.
2. Will submit yearly action plan and corresponding budget request.
3. Appoint special committee chairpersons as needed.
4. Be responsible for official correspondence of the SIG.
5. Make an annual report.
6. Attend Council of Directors meetings as requested.
7. Communicate with the Council Liaison on a bi-monthly basis regarding the activities of the SIG.
D. Duties: Vice – Chairperson shall
1. Serve as Chairperson in the event the Chairperson is absent or unable to serve.
2. Succeed the Chairperson in case of a vacancy in that office.
3. Assume other duties as delegated by SIG Chairperson.
4. Manage SIG finances as necessary.
5. Be responsible for overseeing all continuing education programs of the SIG.
E. Duties – Secretary shall
1. Record the minutes of all SIG meetings, a copy of which shall be sent to the APTAnj chapter office within 30 days.
2. Carry on the official correspondence of the SIG, as requested by the Chairperson.
3. Assume other duties as delegated by the Chairperson.
4. Be responsible for submitting the meeting announcement form to the Chapter office.
5. Keep a record of attendance for SIG meetings and submit updated membership information to the Chapter office.

Article 6 – TERM OF OFFICE

A. Each officer shall serve a two year term. No officer may serve more than two consecutive terms (or 4 years) in the same position.
B. Elections will be held on a yearly basis. Chairperson elections will be held on odd years, secretary and vice chairperson will be held on even years.
C. A term of office shall begin at the close of the meeting following election of the officers.

Article 7 – COMMITTEES

A. Nominating Committee shall consist of two members.
1. Shall serve a one-year term
2. Be responsible for providing a slate of candidates for SIG Board
3. Elected by SIG membership.

B. Other Committees
The SIG members in conjunction with the Chairperson will determine the appropriate committees. Each committee will elect their chair.

Article 8 – FINANCES

A. The SIG shall not charge annual dues but may levy assessments provided such assessments do not carry punitive action nor loss of good standing and are approved by the Chapter Council of Directors.
B. The Chapter Council of Directors shall have the authority to allocate monies to the SIG. All monies shall be disbursed by the Chapter treasurer.


Any review and amendments to this document will be done in accordance to Standing Rules and By-laws as written in the APTAnj Chapter Operations Manual.


In addition to these standing rules, the SIG is governed by the provisions in the Chapter bylaws and standing rules on structure, finance, obligations, dissolution, property, and records and limitations and by the rules and procedures in the Chapter policies for special interest groups.
Approved by COD 1/13/04

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