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Proposed Bylaw Amendment Increasing Dues

Thursday, March 22, 2018   (5 Comments)
Posted by: Daniel Klim
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Proposed Bylaw Amendment Increasing Dues to be Voted on at the 2018 Spring Business Meeting

APTANJ member and Treasurer, Brian Mullins, made the motion for a Bylaws amendment to be voted on by Chapter members at the 2018 Spring business meeting.  The Bylaws amendment is as follows:

In the Bylaws, Article XII: Finance:

Section 2. Chapter Dues

A. Schedule of Dues

Physical Therapist members: $145.00 $165.00

Physical Therapist – Post Professional Student members: $75.00 $95.00

Physical Therapist Assistant members: $80.00 $100.00

Student Physical Therapist and Student Physical Therapist Assistant members: $15.00 $25.00

Life Physical Therapist members: $40.00 $60.00

Life Physical Therapist Assistant members: $40.00 $60.00

Retired Physical Therapist members: $75.00 $95.00

Retired Physical Therapist Assistant members: $75.00 $95.00

Corresponding members: $50.00 $70.00

Corresponding Student Member: $15.00 $25.00


Statement: This would be the first APTANJ membership dues increase in 19 years.  This modest increase of $20 for PTs and PTAs and $10 for students would take effect beginning in January 2019 and would provide an opportunity for APTANJ to continue investing in high-quality membership deliverables such as programming, leadership initiatives and legislative advancements to name a few.  The goal of this dues increase to invest in our continued success and build off of 2017 which saw significant physical therapy advancements in New Jersey.  While we continue to grow in size and in name our revenue has not exceeded expenses since 2011. 

APTANJ would like to continue to develop member engagement opportunities such as free leadership courses, marketing/consulting services and securing nationally renowned speakers for our educational courses.  To do so, we must invest back in the organization.



James C. Pumarada says...
Posted Wednesday, March 28, 2018
I agree that there has been always a push to get new membership. But it’s always been a problem so those that choose to join or that intend to join should be surveyed. Meaning survey new members as to why they joined and therefore push that demographic to join. Also financials are made available in the aptanj blast emails and newsletters. The last one clearly stated the current balance sheet. I would like to see imbeded in there a 5 or 10 dollar donation to our NJ pac fund for every attendee and every member. I know we can not legally require this but look it’s NJ. You can not change politics but you can only compete and smaller orginizations raise more pac funds then ours. In order to protect our industry we need to not only make sure vote for the candidates that represent our views but show strength through finance.
Julie Chita says...
Posted Tuesday, March 27, 2018
After 19 years, a modest hike seems justified. I feel APTANJ has served our interests and me well. Thank you for your passion and hard work.
Shannon N. Clifford says...
Posted Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Am I correct in assuming that a full financial statement will be made available to the Chapter membership, for review and discussion, prior to any consideration of a vote? Also, I am assuming this recommendation came from our BOD due to a need for increased revenue to support our Chapter. Was this the ONLY recommendation made to potentially increase revenue? Were other ideas proposed? One final thought for consideration- while a 13% increase in dues for licensed professionals may be seen as “modest,” I doubt that a 66% increase in dues for entry-level students should be considered “modest.” The proportion of increase proposed is much higher for entry-level students, and I am not sure we should be tasking future professionals with the burden of cost (in addition to the extraordinary debt they are accruing just to join the profession). If a dues increase is needed (following review of finances and consideration of other fundraising proposals) then we should spare the students.
Milagros Salerno says...
Posted Tuesday, March 27, 2018
If your 'revenue has not exceeded expenses" why do the dues need to be increased? Many of the PT's I currently work with have not joined because of the amount of dues. It's not just the chapter dues we have to pay but there is also the National dues and the section dues. All of those dues really add up! Raising the dues is not going to help attract new members!
Jazmine Tooles says...
Posted Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Though I think this is well intentioned, a price increase may deter members from joining. There has been a push to increase membership. One of the limitations are finances as everyone, despite the similar profession, must deal with different circumstances which may limit their ability to afford a membership or risk the money, not knowing how it will benefit them. I think increasing the membership may deter individuals from joining and may make those less engaged consider not renewing. If membership costs are increased, I'd like to suggest offering a discount for first time members (or the first 3-5 years of membership like national) to get individuals to join and give them an opportunity to appreciate what the organization has to offer. The hope is once involved with the APTA they will have developed a way to afford the membership because they are invested in the value of the organization. Thank you.

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